Happiness Center

A Home for Senior Citizens To 1. provide companionship, emotional support, therapeutic occupation, recreation facilities and activites to overcome social isolation. and 2. provide independence to senior citizens in daily life and re-estabish high values of life nurtured buy them.


The major specialty of our Happiness Centre is we’ll teach transformation of life using Law of Attraction to our elderly people and employees working for them. “Wonders” they can achieve and receive using LOA which is not yet known to them. How to live “Happy” at any stage of life, shifting of mindset and several other practices. This can help them to live happy & healthy ever after. 

We know it is difficult to change what you have done or doing from past 60 years in your life regularly and constantly. But do not forget Change is the only Constant thing. Since you are the Real-Hero of your movie, the life has kept the major climax for the end. And our Happiness Centre is a part of it. So, leaving all the lifelessness behind and putting the new goggles to see the world differently, our Happiness Centre is eagerly waiting for your arrival.

"Dont worry about getting old, Worry about about thinking old"

Happy days are here since, working day and night for the family, children and the fulfillment of dreams, most of us even forgot to be Happy, to live happy and to stay happy. Our Happiness Centre will act as a constant alarm of “Reminder of Happiness” which they forget in this fast flowing life. These alarms will help them to regain those past feelings of Fun-Freedom & Love-Laughter.

"The soul purpose is to value life, not the phase"

When you smile big and wide, you not only make yourself feel happier, your surriunding will also lighten up. In the days of falling teeth and wrinking skin, the idea is not to associate the happiness with the things andindiviuals. The plan is to smile from within using LOA. Leaving all the baggage behind and the understanding the true essense of life, our project is to make them fall in love with their LIVES. 

How are we planning to run this happiness center financially?

- Monthly sales revenue from our books
- Monthly revenue from our youtube channel

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How you can help us!

Name – Anjana Reetoria | Bank – Bank of Baroda | Account Number – 31610100012976
IFSC – BARB0MINDSP | Branch- Mindspace, Malad (W) | Account type – Savings

PAYPAL- anjanaa09@gmail.com

Google Pay- anjanaa09@okaxis

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