Anjana Reetoria

Dr. Anjana Reetoria was born in Gwalior, later based in Indore, India.
She came to Mumbai famously known as “the city of dreams” with Dream in her Eyes and makes a name for herself.
She has extensively worked in the media industry form the last 15 years as a creative Director in many prestigious organizations.

Creative Director and Author.

Being a single parent and understanding and experiencing the struggle of raising a child alone, she is also a pillar of strength and counseling support system for her close friends and family.

When India went on lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of people experienced severe concerns but as she was following Law of attraction the universe guided her with her life path which inspired her to be an author and a life coach .

40 to 40 Million

40 se 40 Crore

If you are going through the phase where you feel nothing works out. Lockdown has taken a toll on your job, your bank balance is depreciating and the money lenders are knocking your door but fear not; this book is an assurance that all of this is going to change. Blaming the fate, misfortunes and God were all the excuses to run away but by reading this book you will believe it yourself that you are the creator of your own destiny. Your life is about to transform.

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